About Us

About US:

We started this website as we have recently experienced the magic of beetroot and thought of sharing this love for beet with everyone so that all will be aware of the benefits of beet in order to have healthy life. Eat Beet to stay fit!!

Few months ago, my uncle was diagnosed with high blood pressure and doctor advised him to have regular medicine for normalizing the blood pressure. We started searching on web to have any organic way to control the high blood pressure and though one web site, we came across the beet. My uncle thought, as this is natural way and he had already heard the benefits of beetroot from his mother, he started consuming the beet daily in his meals. He started drinking the beet juice every day and also started eating healthy meals, which normally includes beet. Sometimes, beet salad or sometimes beetroot curry. We all started searching for new recipes for beet so that we all can easily consume beetroot. We all fell in love with that rich pinkish red color and somewhat sweet taste. Now, we have many recipes with us and thought of having all integrated under one roof in this site. We want to share all these recipes with you so that we all will have the ready tasted recipes here. Also, when my uncle visited his doctor last month, doctor had stopped the high blood pressure medicines for him, as his body is now able to control the blood pressure and there is no need to take any medicine for high blood pressure. We are very sure that this is the magic of consuming the beetroot regularly for three months. He also started feeling more energetic than before and started doing the exercise daily.

We eagerly want you all to go through all the site contents and start trying these fully tasted recipes of beetroot. These are all yummy and really good for health. Specially, if you have kids at home or elderly people, you should have the beet in your lunch or dinner. These beetroot juice recipes are also good detox and diet program.

Please feel free to contact us for any questions or if you have any beetroot recipe then we will definitely try to prepare it and then will add in this site so that we all will have all the recipes listed in this one site and we don’t need to search for beetroot recipes on the web any more. Our dream is to list all the beetroot recipes and information about beetroot in this site.

In case of any information required, you may reach us at [email protected]

EAT the beet and stay FIT!!!