6 Beetroot Benefits That You Should be Talking About

Beetroot Benefits That You Can’t Avoid !

Beetroot Benefits

You must have heard the importance of including beetroot in your diet but you might be unaware of the real facts that makes beetroot incomparable. In this post, I will try to cover most of the beetroot benefits that will make you fall in love with beetroot.

Beetroot is one of healthiest, nutrition rich vegetable which is taproot portion of the beet plant. The other names of beetroot are table beet, garden beet, red beet or golden beet. It is considered as one of the numerous varieties of the refined versions of Beta vulgaris grown for edible taproots and their leaves which is called as beet vegetables. Apart from beet as food, it can be used as food coloring and for some medical purposes.

Since the middle ages, beetroot was used as a cure for different situations, particularly diseases involving digestion and the blood. Even in the middle of the 19th century beetroot juice was often used as coloring agent for wines.

So, we saw history and introduction about beetroot. Now let’s talk about nutritional components of beetroot. Raw beetroot contains 88% water, 10% carbohydrates, 2% protein, and under 1% fat. About 100 grams of raw beetroot offers 43 Calories. Raw beetroot is an amazing source of folate which helps to maintain mental and emotional health. It is also a reasonable source of manganese, along with additional nutrients having insignificant content. Beets are also termed as blood turnips. They are low in sodium and fat which makes them great healthy vegetable. Raw beet has such an outstanding quality that helps to prevent worst disease like cancer.

Here are some health benefits of Beetroot:

1. Reduces Blood Pressure

In today’s competitive world, due to hectic schedule, stressful lifestyle and unhealthy diet, lot of people are suffering from blood pressure problem. People starts taking medicines to reduce blood pressure. When you have beetroot which is excellent natural remedy for blood pressure, why to consume chemical based medicines? As per the research carried out at Queen Mary University of London, consuming beetroot juice can help to reduce blood pressure in around 4 weeks. The reason for this is because of the existence of nitrates, which gets converted into nitric oxide by human body. During this process, the blood vessels inflates. Beetroot juice benefits are tremendous but it is advisable that you should first consult with your doctor before trying beetroot juice.

2. Cancer prevention

Beet root extract possibly have the capacity to save you from the breast and prostate cancer. Here credit goes to the betanin present in beetroot. Another research study carried out at the Howard University of Washington, beetroot absorption was found to avoid lung and skin cancers.

Even you get better results when beetroot juice along with carrot is consumed. This helps in treatment of leukemia.

3. To keep liver healthy

Beetroot contains calcium, betaine, B vitamins, iron, and antioxidants which make beetroot one of the best source to keep liver healthy. Betaine in beetroot also aids the liver to remove toxins. The fiber in beets clears the toxins that have been eliminated from the liver. This helps to the liver to avoid the toxins to reenter into the body.

According to Polish research, beetroot helps to protect the liver from oxidative injury.

4. Boost stamina and energy level

Beetroot helps to make the muscles more fuel-efficient, which results into stamina improvement. Here credit goes to nitrates. Researchers feels that the nitrates present in beetroot helps to improve blood flow, cell signaling, and hormones. All these processes play a significant role in improving the stamina and energy levels.

The beetroot also helps to improve workout performance in those people suffering from peripheral artery illness.

5. Best anti-inflammatory agent

The existence of folate, fiber, and betaines make beetroot one of the best anti-inflammatory natural food.

As per research carried out in Iran, beetroot juice, was helpful in curing inflammation. So overall beetroot benefits also covers anti-inflammatory natural agent.

6. Benefits during pregnancy

Beets contain large amount of folic acid which is a reason, pregnant women should add beetroot in their diet plan. Folates present in beetroot helps to control mental and emotional health in babies. Also, folic acid helps to avoid neural tube faults in the baby.

So, these are some of the beetroot benefits. After all beetroot is natural food. So, there should not be any side effects on the human body in consumed under control.

Eat the beet and stay fit!!